About us

Deepak Ayurveda Massage Centre and School of Massage (a family run business) is situated in the holy town of pushkar and is run by deepak sen along with his five brothers who are born into a family of ayurvedic practitioners. Their skills are passed on from one generation to the next and they are all well-established massage therapists and they hold experience of more than a decade and each started to learn massage at an early age, taught by their parents and grandparents. they are keeping their legacy alive by traditional approaches and offers a variety of massages that includes relaxation, detoxification, advice concerning nutrition, stress prevention, and dietary consultation for wellbeing. The centre provides quality service with result- oriented therapy through caring hands. It is the trusted place for massage where it’s all about you and is dedicated to health and well-being, where one can discover themselves in a new light….. Revitalisation promised!